Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello there! No, this blog is not about documenting all the shiny objects I stumble across, although glittery stuff IS pretty kick-butt amazing. This is a place to discuss one of my most favorite things- BOOKS! "For the love of all things sparkly!" is a phrase I often use to express either my extreme excitement or severe displeasure… usually accompanied by wild hand gestures. Here you will find my thoughts on my latest literary adventures that caused me to shout out loud, "for the love of all things sparkly!" for one reason or another. So, go grab the latest bestseller lauded by Oprah that you've secretly been dying to read, or the paperback that Aunt Edna gifted to you last Chaunaka that's collecting dust on your bookshelf, and embark on this wild, bookish ride with me!

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