Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daydreams and Magical Notebooks

I received a pocket notebook the other day. And it is MAGICAL.

After a really crummy morning at work (an angry customer chewed me out over the phone within the first thirty minutes of opening my store), a couple of friends {we'll call them Kandy and Kathy} showed up with a caramel brulee latte, peppermint brownie cake pop, and a gift bag filled with inspiring quotes, photos, sweet note cards, and a mini journal shown here:

Their surprise visit made my day.

And I can't get over how AWESOME this notebook is!

"She daydreams of a place where the coffee is strong and there's nowhere else she needs to be."

This phrase pretty much sums up my life.

Gimme a good cup of coffee, an absorbing book, and a comfy place to relax, and I am in heaven.

Some people daydream of daring adventures- climbing Mount Everest, swimming with sharks, zip-lining through the jungle… I fantasize about curling up in a cozy cabin with a fire roaring and a peppermint mocha in one hand and a thrilling novel in the other.

Here's to adventures in their many forms, strong coffee, good books, and daydreams. Happy reading, y'all.

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